Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Solid Rock Student Ministries Logo

Ok - worked on it some more and I like these better. Almost the same but a little better I think. I think I'd be happy with any of them (although the one with the tree coming out of the K I'm not so sure about).

I really like the one with the Fall leaf but am afraid it might look a little too gloomy.

Now - which one?

I am under the gun for this one....logos take forEVER but they want it...of course...now. Ha!

My idea is that I don't want just a rock for the logo - too obvious. The other thing is that the program is expanding...Solid Rock used to be just the youth group but now they're going to include the children. So I wanted something to show growth - thus the leaves.

Anything good here? Any other ideas?


  1. I like it! Not too overpowering like a lot of 'rock' logos would be — I definitely prefer it when the stem of the leaf does *not* cut through the "student ministries". I think it looks more unified as a whole when it is not split down the middle.

    I like the growth analogy and the negative space on the bottom example. Also how you used all lowercase for "solid rock" and all caps for "student ministries". It's interesting, fun contrast especially because the "solid rock" is the primary focal point.

    I'll look at it again in a few and update my thoughts

  2. Oh! I like the tree, much better than the leaves.
    I was a little worried about getting the growth analogy across to a broad audience... but the tree needs a solid foundation (such as a rock) to grow.
    I might add a little bit more negative space towards the top—the solid shape makes me think of a mushroom...

    But yes, the tree is much stronger than the leaves, and I love the detail