Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Church website re-do

I felt like some new colors and started to go light....greens and grays with whites. But then I liked this damask black background and well....it all go a little dark. Its pretty though! Don't know how long I'll keep it.What do you think? Do you like the colors? Any and all comments will be taken under advisement.

UPDATE: Ok, I changed the size of the buttons on the left and made a shape out of the header. I think this will be it for awhile.


  1. Thanks for your comment about children and body weight...it really bothered me and it's nice to see another mum felt the same shock when the issue arose!

    I just always thought all of that garbage would creep in a couple of years down the road, you know?

    And I love what you did with the website, although to be honest, I think I liked the buttons on the left larger.
    I love when sites are easy to navigate, and you seem to have done a beautiful job making it clear and simple.

    You really do lovely work!

  2. Oh I just love the colors in this one - can't think of anything to do differently!!