Monday, March 2, 2009

MAC brochure - take three

This is the version I'm going to present to the committee. My only worry is the dark print on the dark purple on the cover (the middle section mostly).


  1. I liked the second one better. I couldn't comment cause there was something messed up with the word code.

  2. the purple lines across this one are discombobulating. you do such nice work don't always second guess yourself and overstress. sometimes d for done is good noteverything has to be the sistine chapel

  3. I love those purple lines! How cool is that - funny, I'm not just saying that to disagree with chunkygal (hi!) but it's what I was thinking when I clicked on comment.

    I honestly love them both -- would you ever want to take them two choices? It kind of shows your versatility. On the other hand, with committees sometimes choices are NOT a good thing. ha. Good luck! And tell what happens!