Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BRMFC logo

I have been working on Christmas graphics for church but also a logo for the local fitness club in my 'spare' time. Here's some of what I have so far.

The trouble here has been that I have so many ideas, I can't quite focus yet. My most recent is the first one.

(the numbers don't mean anything - just makes it easier for you to refer to your favorite in the comments section! Also - we haven't decided on a color scheme yet so you can try to imagine different colors in these designs too. You'll have to click on the picture to be able to see them large enough.)

Do you like my new signature at the end of all of the posts?


  1. I love them ALL.

    3, 9 and 11 are my personal favorites. But honestly, they all look SO GOOD.

  2. Forgot to say - I noticed the signature and it's so cute and fun!

  3. I'm really drawn to 9 and 11. Eleven just keeps MOVING -- it's really fascinating.

    I must say they are all so good -- how does someone choose?

  4. I like 6 7 and 11 and my vote counts more than others!

    I told John it should be energy colors. yellow, orange may gree and /blue and above