Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wordpress themes....coming soon

I was so happy I learned to make blogger themes that I decided to try my hand at Wordpress. Its a LOT more complicated! The nice thing is you can host a Wordpress account on your own site.

So once I get this down, I can design sites for clients but have sections of the site done in wordpress where they can update their own information online anytime, anywhere.

I have just begun trying to learn this, but here is what I have so far....
I thought Wordpress was just like blogger - an online blogging site. But its so much more - its almost like software to blog. You CAN have a blog on their site, but you can also upload their software to your webhost and host the blog yourself. That gives you total control over the site, and lets you keep your own web address.


  1. So if I have a blog on, I can upload stuff from Wordpress and make my blog prettier? Is this what you're saying? Make it reaaally simple for me :-) Very cool btw.

  2. No - but I could do a blogger theme for you! Wordpress can be hosted for free on their site at (much like blogger) or you can host it at your own site - like mine is at

    Its a lot like blogger only more powerful. You can do a lot more with it than just blog.