Wednesday, October 1, 2008

mac logo

We are naming our new building 'the mac' for Methodist Activities Center. It will be sports - but so much more...fellowship, Sunday School, contemporary worship, etc. So I wanted the logo to convey people and activity...motion. Here's what I've got so far....

And then I got to thinking that I NEVER use negative space so I thought I'd try that once...

and now for my new favorite.....


  1. I think the negative space ones are cool - is there any way to use more than one color with that? Like make the people black and the mac-space green, or the mac-space green and the people black? Oh! Or outline the whole thing in black? Like a big oval?

    I don't know, this is why I don't do these things :-)

    But in the first square, I really like the all black one. I like it that the people are black. Could you make that one - people black, mac green?

    Am I being difficult? ha. Just throwing out ideas. Love them all, really.

  2. Hi Anne, The bottom one on the "round" characters looks like a very pregnant woman. I think you should go with that.