Monday, September 15, 2008

soaML logo

Designed a logo for a mark-up language soaML. Here's what they ended up with, but I gave them quite a few choices before we got here.

The product is a mark-up language that, as it has been explained to me, is a kind of a bridge to help large corporations communicate within themselves. (That is my loose interpretation, anyway!). So the orbs in a s-shape were a way of showing that bridging and the color-gradations shows how the soaML translates information from one department to another.

You can see the logo up on their website at and it will soon be up at as well.

Here is the page of choices that I presented to them: (click to see close-up)


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  2. I am a technician but I'll use your explanation when presenting SoaML. I think you summarized very well the intent of SoaML